Classic Solution: Welding safer for Classic Stainless Company

Well-established and progressive NZ-owned Classic Stainless Steel Ltd, not only has a total commitment to provide top class stainless steel products that represent excellent value for money, it also places staff welfare top of the company’s agenda.

The Auckland-based business has a team of full time welders manufacturing a huge range of stainless steel items, individually tailored to client requirements, which include benchtops for both residential and commercial applications, as well as shower trays.

Classic Stainless Steel has 37 years manufacturing experience using stainless steel , started up by two business partners, and although the core of the business has been the manufacturing of traditional stainless products, over the intervening years there has been a shift to supermarket fitouts, hospital and hospitality projects says Andrew Grimmer who contacted NZDuct+Flex to solve their fume issues as the amount of welding gases and chemical smoke increased in the busy workshop.

Truly efficient fume extraction that effectively removes fumes, smells and associated dusts, must be operated as close to where these problems are generated as possible. Because of this, NZDuct+Flex fitted six 4-metre long fume arms to give maximum reach to accommodate the variety of work carried out, and the arms were supported in pairs by a stand, each with extraction from three 2.2kw fume fans on the roof.

The fume arms and fans are all from European supplier Oskar Air Products making the installation very simple, as all their components fit together, and the arms can be connected directly to the fan units, (via the brackets) if necessary.

A fume arm and hood connected to the right extraction, positioned correctly and constantly repositioned as the welder works, is the cheapest and best solution to deal with welding smoke and fumes. NZDuct+Flex has the largest range of fume arms in stock starting with the 75mm arms with a 1 metre reach up to the 160mm dia. and a 4-metre reach arms chosen here. The distinctive arms have blue powder coated metal tubes (also available in stainless) with external hinging to make minimal maintenance possible – no down time to clean and un-jam internally articulated arms.

From one of Europe’s leading suppliers, the fume arms and fans are incredibly good value, the arms can be wall mounted if the weld area is in bays or attached to a boom giving a phenomenal 8-metre reach if required. If a static situation is not well suited to a particular production line, the arms can be incorporated into a channel system and moved backwards and forwards to where needed: a perfect solution for assembly lines with a linear work flow.

“Our suppliers have been around for decades and their products have been tried and tested and enhanced over this time. No other company can offer what we offer in New Zealand, a source of LipLock modular ducting components, fans, and fume filtration units, guaranteed to work as a system efficiently and effectively, “ says NZDuct+Flex sales manager Geoff Ebdon.

Andrew says he was impressed with the install carried out by permanent staff from NZDuct+Flex, and was particularly grateful that they were happy to work around the production needs on the day, ensuring there was no down time for the busy workshop.

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