MasTec Ltd

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Thirty years as one of NZ’s premier high-tech distributors with 150 manufacturers/brands.

New products: Home and small commercial solar power systems with lithium battery packs, lithium battery small to medium size UPSs, lithium battery medical grade UPSs, lithium medical grade inverters, high-powered DC loads with Regen three-phase.

IIOT, PACs, PLCs and PID, industrial computing and tablets, embedding and wireless, automation, test and measurement instruments, meters, data acquisition, loggers, comms, sensors, gauges, encoders.

Industrial, alternative and medical power systems. UPS, UPM, PDUs, inverters, frequency converters, transformers, conditioners, programmable AC and DC power sources and loads, three-phase systems, AC and DC solid state relays.

Medical and laboratory products. Medical test and calibration instruments, medical computing and tablets, microscopes, all types of lab instruments, teach products, medical power.

General manager: Loyal Noronha

Marketing contact: Renee Donald

Sales/marketing manager: Rob Maskell

Location: 1/7 Torrens Rd, Burswood, Auckland 2013, New Zealand

Brands: Aaeon, Acces IO, Adlink, Advantech, Alpha Power, Ametek Powervar, Antaira, Arbor, Artila, Asian Electron, B&B Electronics, BC Group, BCM, BEE Instruments, BEI, Belotti, Bright Alliance, C&D Automation, Centec, Commell, Cosview, Cotek, CPDAS, CS Power, CWT, Dataforth, Digit International, Dwyer, ED Cortp, Eltrotec, EMX Industries, Frequency Devices, Gamatronics, General Tools, GW Instek, Handywave, Hantek, iBase, iCOP, ICS, IDS, Ion Control, IOtech, Itech, JAI, Jewell, Jumo, Juniper, K&H, KC Wirefree, Kenovision, Keyence, Labjack, Lanner, Lascar, LM Technologies, Lord Sensing, Maestro Wireless, Maxbotic, Maynuo, Measurement Computing, Meriam, Meter Drive, Micronor, MLIS, MotronaA, MSR Loggers, Omega, Opto 22, Oring, Packet Power, Pencom, Planet, Power IO, Pulnix, Pulsotronics, Regatron, Rigol, Rishabh, Sealevel, Senonic Loggers, Sentech, Sheldon Instruments, Siglent, Signal Quest, Silicon Imaging, Solar Edge, Soltec, Sorotech, SRI Summation, Sterling, STID, Summit, Systec, Teletronics, Teltonika, Tripplite, Twintex, Unimeasure, US Digital, Validyne, Veris, Vipa PLC, Winamte, X Logic, Zigsens, Zoglab