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Trading as: Rustoleum Industrial Coatings

Rustoleum Industrial Coatings have been applied in New Zealand now for over 30 years, and can be found is many of our severe corrosive environments.

We have a large number of approved applicators positioned all around the country, and our range of high performance anti-corrosion coating systems, are distributed from our Auckland warehouse, direct to them or others, to be applied in accordance with a prepared specification that we can implement if requested.

We predominantly specialise in industrial maintenance, specifying and supplying anti-corrosion protective coatings in our severe coastal environments which include steel bridges, large storage tanks, steel towers, and other steel structures.

We also encapsulate thousands of square meters of rusty iron, asbestos, Butynol and bituminous roofing substrates in conjunction with other waterproofing products.

Rustoleum, a US-based company, also produce a range of high performance floor coating systems that can withstand exposure to the most corrosive materials.

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Manager: David King

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