NZ Duct+Flex: The climate crisis – the future for dust

As the world attempts to find ways to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption, NZ Duct+Flex is installing modern, state-of-the-art dust extraction systems into factories across New Zealand and Australia.

These Supersafe extraction/filtration units are manufactured in Denmark, and Geoff Ebdon, sales manager for NZ Duct+Flex says they feature the world’s safest dust explosion release system. In the event of a dust explosion, membranes in the roof of the filter unit open to release only the shockwave harmlessly to the sky. No fireball is emitted: dust and fire are contained within the unit. This Atex-approved safety system is unique, says Ebdon, as no other products available can offer the vertical flameless venting (VFV) feature.

“As well as having world leading safety features, our VariPulse filtration units are also the world’s lowest energy consumption filtration units available. This is due to the unique VariPulse system used to clean the filter socks or cartridges. Many existing and even newly installed dust extraction systems, simply pulse compressed air every 30 or 60 seconds into the filters socks regardless of the level of dust build up,” says Ebdon.

“In addition, all other systems only use a fixed cleaning pressure, normally between five and seven bar, to clean the socks. This is very uneconomical, as compressors have to run continuously, and possibly new compressors have to be purchased with each new system.”

Providing compressed air constantly is wasteful, especially when the filter units are new. The increased frequency and cleaning power may be needed at peak production periods, but for the rest of the time, it is simply unnecessary, still using energy and adding to your power bills.

VariPulse uniquely cleans when sufficient build-up of dustcake is detected in the filter socks to warrant cleaning and saves compressed air and compressor running time. The filters are then pulsed with a variable pressure between 1.5-5 bar depending upon the actual severity of the dust build up. No other dust extraction company can offer this feature says Ebdon.

NZ Duct+Flex has units in New Zealand that have been running for 10 years that can be shown to have saved the owners many thousands of dollars, not only in compressed air usage but also in filter sock replacement. Because the pulsing is gentler on the filter socks or cartridges, they also last much longer.

“Most of our filters in New Zealand are still running on the original socks / cartridges from when we first installed them.”

Cleaning only when required can save around about 50 to 60% of your compressed air usage and VariPulse saves a further 30% to 40%. This all adds up to a longer life for your product, less running costs for your factory business and improves your carbon footprint in a quantifiable way – any yearly chairperson’s report can make this claim of a significant reduction in energy use.

Also, at a time of global pandemic, employers and managers are becoming increasingly aware of air quality in their work environment. Ebdon adds that by investment in a world leading, state of the art extraction system produces a better working environment for staff or colleagues. People with high particle content in their breathing environment are more susceptible to a wide range of the effects of diseases including viruses.

“You would expect Supersafe VFV and VariPulse features to come with a high price tag but these units cost no more than similar products from other suppliers. Often, we find our advanced units are significantly cheaper than dust filtration systems quoted that haven’t changed their technology since the 1970s.”

NZ Duct+Flex installs a dust or fume extract system on average every week across New Zealand, using permanently employed, very experienced staff. This can also offer significant savings in overall project and running costs as they are in factories and problem producing environments every day and fully understand dust and fumes to provide the best solution.

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