NZ Safety Blackwoods taking care of your technical problems with technical solutions

Many people not in the engineering industry wouldn’t know what an actuator is, says NZ Safety Blackwoods, but we all use them every day. An actuator keeps things moving and that’s what the team at NZ Safety Blackwoods Technical Solutions does every day; stainless steel ball valves with double acting or spring close pneumatic or electric actuation for industrial processes, manufacturing factories, chemical handling, food and beverage equipment and the energy sector. Fully assembled and stroke tested, the company’s valves / actuators are convenient and ready to be used. With an industrial standard design and scotch yoke, these valve actuators can produce high end torques at both end positions, keeping hospitality in business, plants operational, and manufacturing on track.

“From steam traps to hot water vents, from separating solids from liquids and even controlling steam or air pressure, you’re going to need a solution that’s right for your requirements from people who know best. NZ Safety Blackwoods Technical Solutions are the market leaders in valves and flow control and bring over 35 years of experience in supply, assembly, service, training and support to the market,” says Craig Rowntree, technical solutions manager.

Custom builds

No two pieces of valve or flow control infrastructure are the same, and NZ Safety Blackwoods Technical Solutions is geared to individual challenges needing tailored solutions – offering custom builds to suit your specific requirements.

“Our team of specialists can meet with you on site to discuss your project needs and recommend the best solutions, then design and build them for you.”

Nationwide service

Fully equipped workshop facilities in Auckland, New Plymouth and Christchurch are supported by a fleet of mobile service vehicles and an experienced team of technical sales and service technicians.

“NZ Safety Blackwoods Technical Solutions manager can provide nationwide support, at either your site or ours. Our purpose-built facility at Highbrook in Auckland is definitely worth a visit to experience the impressive range of quality actuators, valves, couplings and many other valve and flow control products.

“If you need help with your valve or flow control, you can discuss your needs with one of the experience technical sales specialists.”

For more information email or phone 0800 660 660.