Back on track: EMEX 2022

What’s your company achieved in the last four years? For many in the engineering and manufacturing industry in New Zealand, EMEX is usually the place to share new technology and innovations with the rest of the sector. But because the event hasn’t been on the calendar since 2018, there is plenty to catch up on.

“Normally the show is held once every two years, but we never got to have what would’ve been the 40th year edition in 2020. And then in February last year we were devastated when we had to break down the entire show because the night before our opening the alert level was changed again,” says Aad van der Poel, sales and event manager at XPO Exhibitions.

The good news though, is that this has resulted in lots of exhibitors that were signed up over the last two years recommitting straight away.

“It’s been excellent. That’s why this show is already looking amazing in terms of number of exhibitors. We are probably looking at a sell-out show, which will mean over 200 exhibiting companies and it’s just phenomenal in this day and age.”

Working behind-the-scenes to get the show ready for May, van der Poel has been speaking with exhibiting companies – many saying that they are experiencing record years, and “are doing business the way they’ve never seen before”. True to the Kiwi way, people are looking beyond the barriers and are seeing the opportunities that can come out of difficult situations.

Innovation goes big

With an expected increase of 200% of key players and trusted brands in the automation and electronics sector returning to the show this year – including those in the sheet metal industry – CNC machinery, plasma cutting, fibre laser cutters and machinery alike, will take over a large percentage of the floorplan.

“The whole Industry 4.0, digitalisation of manufacturing and industry is absolutely on the forefront of EMEX this year. They are all talking about wanting to be part of it, and that is a good sign – that is the way New Zealand as a nation, especially the manufacturing sector, needs to pick up because the industry has been lagging compared to the rest of the world.

“When you can produce quicker and faster and cheaper, you are more competitive, and you can actually continue operating. But if you don’t, you will be forced to close down at a certain stage because you can’t produce and you can’t compete with the rest of the world anymore. It sounds a bit like a doomed scenario, but it’s also quite exciting – an enormous amount of intelligent technology is involved, and being able to show that at the show this year is something I am really looking forward to.”

Helping industry perform

With no shortage of products and services to learn about at the exhibition, there are plenty of resources to help New Zealand manufacturers become better and more profitable.

“That is what we are trying to achieve with EMEX,” says van der Poel.


Offering solutions to the HVAC refrigeration, electrical and instrumentation industries for over 36 years, Eurotec is one company eager to get back in front of customers at EMEX, listen to their issues, and offer solutions.

“We have several new product launches coming up in 2022 which we will highlight at EMEX, including our expanded range of intelligent EV charging stations and instrumentation from Testo,” says Chris Farmer, sales and marketing director at Eurotec.

Performing “much better than expected” in response to the pandemic, Farmer says the brand is looking at planned growth and maintained profitability for the next financial year.

“Eurotec has been an exhibitor at EMEX for as long as I can remember. With a diverse range of product, EMEX is the perfect platform for us to present a selected portfolio to the industrial sector.”

Control Devices

Long-time exhibitor Control Devices will also be back to the show this year.

“Control Devices first exhibited at the 2008 EMEX. We have been very satisfied with the outcome and responses from this show,” says Monique Nigole, Control Devices’ business development manager.

This year, the company hopes to continue the showcase of its products and solutions to gain access to new projects and opportunities.

“We look forward in seeking new innovative products and knowledge from other exhibitors – connecting with new industries and networks that can help improve our custom design and engineering solutions.”