Stepping up in steel sustainability

We already know steel can be endlessly reused, helping to play a part in New Zealand achieving its climate change goals. Every year billions of dollars are spent worldwide on steel research and development. It’s no surprise then, that new technologies that are further helping the steel industry in the fight towards sustainability are presenting themselves.

On the move: Handling the demand

Lockdown and quarantining have placed significant challenges on the materials handling industry, with social distancing requirements, heightened demand on supply chains, and a reduction in labour, to name a few. NZEN spoke with a key industry player to see how they are working with these changes, and how they can help others.

Is wood the answer?

Chief executive at HERA Troy Coyle says that this is something that should be decided depending on the design of a building, and after looking at all of the facts.

Combilift’s 60,000th truck delivered

The Irish manufacturer Combilift recently marked a milestone when its 60,000th unit came off the production lines at the company HQ in Monaghan and was shipped to our side of the world.

Answering the call to ‘greener’ product

While engineering plastics are different to those that consumers are increasingly aiming to cut back on, the industry is still determined to play its part in ensuring a greener future for New Zealand.

Unlocking value from forklift connectivity

Forklifts today can do more than just move stock from one end of the factory to the other – when integrated with the right technology, Crown Equipment says the machines can move your whole organisation forward.


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