Accurately spray coatings and lubricants using spray technology


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Increasing production rates, minimising set times and maximising savings on expensive coatings and lubricants are a few objectives processors strive to achieve when choosing an automated lubrication or coating spray system. The skilled engineers at Spraying Systems Co have developed highly efficient electrostatic systems with these objectives in mind.

Being in the engineering industry for over 79 years, Spraying Systems has become the world’s leading supplier of spray products and automated spray systems. The company has developed a range of electrostatic spray systems which can be used in numerous different manufacturing applications.

Electrostatic spray systems work by using the simple principle of spraying a negatively charged liquid or coating to a neutral, grounded target. The AccuJet Electrostatic Spray Systems from Spraying Systems utilise electrostatic spray nozzles to coat chains, conveyors and trays with minimal waste.

Another major concern for processors is that of overspray. Eliminating overspray is not only beneficial to your operations, but also to the health and safety of your workers. The overspray that drips off from conveyors and surrounding equipment can spill onto the floors which poses a dangerous risk for workers.

One of the many benefits of using AccuJet Electrostatic Spray Systems is that they are able to apply coatings and lubricants with high accuracy which leads to reducing or eliminating overspray altogether and decreased waste of costly coatings and lubricants which ultimately leads to increased savings for the operator. Also, clean up time is dramatically reduced due to the cleaner state of the equipment and floors.

As each of the electrostatic systems operate using the electrostatic spraying principle, they are all able to deliver a high transfer efficiency rate, typically over 90%. This is due to the physical attraction of the liquid to the intended target. This results in virtually eliminating overspray, reducing waste of expensive coatings and improving the quality of the overall process.

For processors looking to improve chain lubrication, the AccuJet Electrostatic Chain Oiler System is the ideal choice. The system uses electrostatic spray nozzles to precisely apply lube to key lubrication points along the length of the chain. The system’s low-flow injector pumps can deliver lubricant to as many as four electrostatic spray nozzles simultaneously. As the chain is adequately lubricated, the risk of chain breaks is reduced.

For those in the food industry interested in an electrostatic system, the AccuJet Electrostatic Conveyor System is ideal for pan coating and other bakery and snack coating applications. The AccuJet Conveyor Nozzles are designed to coat pans uniformly, resulting in improved product quality. The nozzles use electrostatic technology ranging from 0.01 – 5 cc per minute. The spray nozzles minimises the possibility of clogging which can sometimes occur when using other conventional spray nozzles for conveyor coating applications. Food safety is increased due to the accuracy of the AccuJet Conveyor Nozzles which reduce product contamination resulting from overspray. This system can also be used for rolled metal lubrication applications.

Beverage can lubrication, stamping and general industrial applications all require a system that is able to coat with a heated lubricant. The AccuJet Electrostatic Heated System consists of a Heated Nozzle Manifold and heated tank controlled by an AccuJet PLC Controller to heat and accurately apply lubricant. The lubricant remains heated at a consistent temperature with even heat distribution as a result of the recirculation system. The Heated Nozzle Manifold can be fitted with up to eight nozzles, depending on the requirements of your application and each nozzle can be individually actuated if need be.

In addition to the electrostatic systems, Spraying Systems has designed range of lubrication systems that are ideal for applying lubricants and corrosion protection fluids to blanks, coils, pipe sections, stamping and forming tools, wires, bars and more. Furthermore to selecting a spray system that improves efficiency, many manufacturing plants are looking to use systems which are able to reduce their company’s environmental impact. Using a spray system that is able to control and precisely apply lubricant can reduce liquid consumption by up to 90%.

The expert engineers at Spraying Systems had this mind when developing the AutoJet Lubrication Systems. The systems are designed to decrease lubricant waste and improve the consistency of the application whilst producing little to no mist.

The L210 and P400 AutoJet Lubrication Systems both consist of a base unit and a coil lubricator. The systems are controlled using PLC technology which allows for precise control of the pump that delivers lubricant to the spray nozzles. PLC technology allows for lubricant amounts to be set with a high degree of accuracy which in turn, minimises waste and environmental impact.

For lubricating with light types of media such as emulsions or vanishing oils, the L210 system is ideal.  The system uses hydraulic spray nozzles and due to their flat spray pattern, they are able to coat over considerable widths, making them an economical choice.

The P400 system is ideal for high viscosity media, high speed applications and for applications that require an even film. The air atomising spray nozzles used each feature a needle that is able to precisely open and close with each pulse. This action efficiently cleans the nozzle orifice of any debris or residue. The system also features an oil mist separator which ensures that no mist is able to escape on the floor and surrounding equipment.

For more information about the AccuJet Electrostatic Spray Systems and the AutoJet Lubrication Systems, contact the spray solution experts at Spraying Systems today.