Global Stainless knuckles down to the job

Global Stainless has realised the exceptional value that it can give to tank and vessel fabricators by taking on the tricky but rewarding knuckling service of radius forming the edges of domes and cones.

Lincoln Raikes, managing director of Global Stainless Industrial and Global Stainless Artworks says, “Our tank fabricator customers base just keeps growing when people hear about the range of service and the quality we achieve in our knuckled domes just gets better”.

“It takes a lot of skill to operate a knuckling machine and perform a ripple free knuckle at the exact diameter so that it fits perfectly to a tank cylinder,” Mr Raikes says.

Most of Global Stainless’ new work comes through word of mouth advertising when fabricators hear it can guarantee that correct circumference before the domes or cone is even made, which means the fabricator can start making the tank before the dome arrives.

80mm knuckle radius on large mild steel domes.

Global Stainless knuckle either domes or cones supplied by its customers offering 10 different knuckle radii from 10 to 200mm radius.

It also specialises in double curved forming in stainless steel and mild/carbon steels. These include: torispherical and hemispherical domes, hemispheres for pharmaceutical manufacturing vessels, stainless steel spheres for industrial applications (pressure or vacuum), mirror polished stainless steel spheres for art, mild steel/carbon steel spheres for industrial applications (pressure or vacuum), long radius-large diameter S/S rolled and fabricated bends, mild steel / carbon steel domes, stainless steel dished ends, aluminium dished ends, copper dished ends, teat spray/sprayer tanks, pressure vessel heads, tank heads, tank ends, pipe end caps, dished heads, ASME and AS1210 heads and bulk milk dairy cooling vats.