Brand sources designs with smartphones, delivers with 3D printing

Wiivv Wearables is on a mission to make body-perfect gear accessible to the masses.

Its flagship product, a custom shoe insole, has proven to be a good first step and uses a combination of customer-collected smartphone data and 3D printing to feed its design and manufacturing process. According to the company, this methodology has enabled Wiivv to deliver highly personalized products on demand at a competitive cost compared to conventional methodologies.

Co-founders Louis-Victor Jadaji and Shamil Hargovan say the flexibility of their process not only enables mass customization, but removes the need to stock inventory and invites localized production. “The supply chain is fundamentally different,” says Hargovan. As Wiivv continues to perfect its process, he says their efficiency has only increased, giving him confidence in Wiivv’s ability to scale from tens of thousands of units to hundreds of thousands of units within a year.

“3D printing has allowed us to remove most of the limitations of traditional manufacturing,” says Chris Bellamy, senior product and manufacturing engineer for Wiivv. Wiivv relies on 3D Systems’ sPro SLS 60 machines to deliver each pair of custom ordered insoles. Hargovan says the efficiency and lower costs of this machine are central to Wiivv’s continued growth.

Read the full case study here.

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