Equipment and Turnkey Solutions with EQM

EQM is introducing stainless steel and aluminium gearboxes and motors that are cleaning up.

The Clean-Geartech geardrive is already being used in food processing facilities throughout New Zealand. Now with helical bevel gearboxes in stainless steel to match the IP69k motors, as well as an aluminium motor and worm gearbox of the same design.

The aluminium geardrives feature the latest in surface treatment technology – called NTT, perfect for damp environments that do not demand the high standard of its stainless steel cousin.

“They’re perfect for meat, dairy, poultry, seafood, salads, confectionary and ready-to-eat products. Being food safe brings peace of mind,” says the company.

Offering waterproof protection (IP69K), high efficiency (IE3.) and 316SS output shafts are just some of the features of Clean-Geartech.

EQM also successfully installed a two-tier packing conveyor system to optimise production, decrease the packing area footprint and become a mobile unit for a large blueberry producer.

The new system has improved the packing process, enabled greater flexibility of labour and can be operated by one person, or up to six when using variable speed controllers.

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