Electric bike wins fieldays innovation award

UBCO was presented the International Innovation Award for its two-wheel drive electric utility vehicle by Minster of Agriculture Hon. Damien O’Connor at the 50th New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays.

Judges say the Kiwi-based company appears to have effectively analysed the requirements of its target markets and improved on previous models to create the new and improved vehicle.

The 2018 UBCO 2×2 was praised for being e-smart, eco-friendly and safer than competing farm bikes and ATVs. These features are sure to be appealing to farmers right across the sector in New Zealand and overseas, as well as recreational and urban markets due to its suitability on and off road.

UBCO ceo Timothy Allan says, “The first heavy use owner said it was like walking around his farm but quicker, so quietness has turned out to be one of the most important things this bike has brought to the farm.

“As an electric vehicle it has a lot less moving parts with the battery replacing a gas tank and no use for an external drive train means greater durability and a longer life.

“Winning this award against major international agritech companies is a huge honour and a recognition for our team’s hard work. With Fieldays being an internationally recognised event, it provides a great endorsement for this product in the global farming community,” said Allan.