Easysteel: ‘Steel promise’ that makes a difference

There’s no doubt steel is strong and durable, just like Easysteel’s new service promise – The Steel Promise – launched recently along with a new look Easysteel website.

From Invercargill to Whangarei, the new ‘Steel Promise’ is the first service promise of any steel distribution business in New Zealand and is set to be central to Easysteel’s business operations going forward, giving the company a clear point of differentiation over its competitors.

“The Steel Promise gives Easysteel a clear point of differentiation in a crowded market,” says Fletcher Steel head of marketing, Neil Watson. “This is an exciting development for the business and one we will work hard to promote to the industry and is a great tool for the sales teams to talk to potential customers about why they should be buying from Easysteel.”

The sales and marketing team has developed the ‘Steel Promise’ at Easysteel in consultation with a large number of people across the business including the operations, logistics and procurement teams.

“The project to develop the Steel Promise involved a full cross-section of the Easysteel business. The debates on exact words were extensive and insightful. Everyone involved has a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and their businesses now,” says Neil.

Not satisfied with just a page on the current Easysteel website saying what the promises were, the business unit wanted the promise to be the backbone of its website. So, Easysteel has embarked on a new look and feel website, which launched the same day as the promise.

“The new Easysteel website shows a maturing of the business in the digital space – our developers have worked hard to understand the needs of our customers and their motivation for visiting the website,” says Fletcher Steel digital channel manager, Brenda van Niekerk.

“The team has worked hard to be able to launch The Steel Promise,” says Fletcher Steel general manager Hamish McBeath.

“The business knew it needed to have this offer in the market as soon as possible, but realistically had to make some changes to the systems to be able to deliver against the promises consistently and reliably. Great work from Adrian Blake (national sales manager) and his team to get to this point.”