Universal Robots launches e-Series range

Universal Robots, a pioneer and market leader for collaborative robots (cobots), is continuing to evolve its ground-breaking, collaborative automation technology with the introduction of the flagship e-Series cobots.

The e-Series cobot platform includes technology advances that enable faster development for a wider variety of applications. Improvements include the ability to economically deploy even more applications, thanks to greater precision and sensitivity provided by a built-in, tool-centric force/torque sensor.

Like other Universal Robots offerings, the e-Series offers unparalleled convenience. It takes just one hour to unpack the cobot, mount it and program the first task. A wrist-join-tool communication interface reduces production line integration time and complexity, and all joints can be replaced in 2-6 minutes.

A re-designed intuitive and responsive-touch user-friendly interface streamlines program development by simplifying programming to a few clicks on a new lightweight, wide-screen teach pendant.

Safety has also improved with 17 safety functions, including customisable stopping time and distance, making collaborative automation easier. Certified by TÜV Nord, all safety functions are in compliance with the industry best-practice EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 10218-1 (Cat. 3 PLd) machinery safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration.