Wangen Pumps: Future-proofing wastewater systems

City and district councils are increasingly challenged by budgetary constraints and environmental concerns. Wangen wastewater pumps offer solutions designed to meet these needs today and well into the foreseeable future. That’s thanks to low life-cycle costs and some of the most advanced engineering in the world.

Wangen Pumpen, manufacturer of pumps in the historic German city of the same name, was founded in 1969. The company has from its start been driven by a desire for achieving extreme precision, resilience, and long life in all its products.

wangen pumpen

It’s a particular source of satisfaction for the company that a Wangen Pump owned by an Austrian client, Mr Maier, has run for 35 years without the need for repairs.

Prime Pump chose Wangen pumps for the New Zealand wastewater market, specifically because of this superior design and the very low maintenance.

Ben Petrie, Prime Pump industrial sales manager, says the brand is very dominant in Europe and is rapidly gaining acceptance here. Systems have already been commissioned in this country, and more are about to come on stream soon.

Ben says that the pumps’ slow running significantly reduces wear and importantly that means a lot less downtime. “It’s very reliable, very efficient and very cost effective. In the wastewater industry; that’s vital.”

He says the system also enables councils to customise to meet individual requirements.

The pumps’ ingenious modular construction and a wide range of standardised components, available for all series, makes customising pumps to meet individual needs and environments, if not straight forward – entirely possible.

The Wangen Xpress progressive cavity pump is designed to minimise maintenance while at the same time offering maximum operational safety and low cost of ownership.

This is the first progressive cavity pump with complete, in-place maintenance, underscoring Wangen’s position as a market leader.

This means that the system operator is able to replace all of the pump’s wear parts without the dismantling of pipe connections that is usually required, thanks to the unique X-Lift quick change system developed by Wangen. This design enables the easy removal of the rotor and stator, and the entire drive section (cardan shaft & joints) in just four simple steps. That means less space and time is needed during servicing.

Only four standard tools are required for routine maintenance. Even the shaft seal can be replaced in just a few actions, and once again, like the rotor and stator, the seal change can be carried out with the pump still in place. Due to the compact dimensions of the pump series, all work can be performed by just one person.

A unique feature of the Wangen Xpress pump is that complete in-place maintenance will not impact operational safety. The in-place solutions previously available in the market are provided with an additional pressure port in the pump’s interior. They enable a rotor and stator replacement in installed condition, but also increase the risk of leakage. By contrast, thanks to revolutionary X-Lift discharge flange, the design of the Wangen Xpress pump is completely without sealing joints. Consequently, failures cannot be caused due to the leakages.

The final step, in wastewater treatment, are Wangen high performance hopper feed pumps. These are ideal when conveying demanding products, pumping to large heights and distances and when high dosage accuracy is required. They are utilised in numerous industries all over the world, including wastewater treatment plants. The pumps have the ability to transfer dewatered sewage sludge with a solid content of up to 45%.

Numerous versions and sizes as well as a modular pump construction ensure that you are able to obtain a pumping solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

In many industry sectors, slurries are often conveyed at high pressure and fast rotational speeds, or in continuous operation. With conventional pumps, this high strain frequently leads to breakdowns due to join breaks, for example. For this reason, Wangen only use top-quality, robust components across the entire pump range. Years of optimisation have ensured that these are designed down to the finest details.

This means Wangen pumps guarantee low-maintenance operation which is almost fault-free.