Global Stainless: Knuckling down thanks to dome boom

Dome manufacturing specialist Global Stainless Limited located near Mt Taranaki in Hawera, is now forming and knuckling cones for the same customers that have been buying the company’s domes.

Manager of the family engineering business, Lincoln Raikes, says, “When we receive an enquiry for a dome from a tank or vessel fabricator, we also offer a cone as they are a practical alternative, and often work out cheaper especially if they require only one or two of them.”

Global Stainless specialises in manufacturing domes and cones for tank and vessel fabricators. This provides a service for fabricators who are not set up for making the domes and cones themselves, and do not have the special machines or the know-how in knuckling.

The company takes pride in flanging the knuckle radius to the exact circumference required. Because the dome and cone ends are so accurate and beautifully formed, the fabricator can actually start building their tank or vessel before they take delivery. When they do arrive the fit-up is perfect.

“My boys can read the metal so well when they roll the knuckle in and out, they land it on the right size every time, absolutely precise. We get the weld seam looking really sweet on the stainless steel sheet metal cones that we make, and our customers often ask how we get the shape looking so good which is great to hear.”

Global Stainless makes shallow and deep cones in stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, and aluminium, up to 4.5 metres diameter.

It also manufactures domes up to 3m diameter, in the same materials, up to 12mm thick, and use a range of knuckle rollers from 15mm to 150mm radius.