Kaeser Compressors launches new website

Kaeser Compressors New Zealand launched its new website last month, along with a fresh appearance and a simplified navigation, with the new website designed to be user- and mobile- friendly.

The new Kaeser website was created with the end-user in mind. A simplified navigation now divides the website into just four sections; products, solutions, services and company. In addition, a responsive design ensures that whether a visitor is viewing the website from a PC, tablet or smart phone, the website will adapt to suit the device.

The upgraded product section features extensive product range information and now also includes quick access to technical specifications and in many cases 360-degree product views and videos. There are also a myriad of compressed air resources available to Kaeser website visitors including:

• Kaeser toolbox calculators. From a unit conversion calculator to calculating pressure drop, air receiver size and leakages – the Kaeser Toolbox includes a number of practical online calculators.

• Whitepapers. Kaeser regularly writes and presents in-depth reports on compressed air topics such as energy efficiency, as well as advisory articles to assist compressed air users in – for example – selecting the right compressed air equipment for their application. All current whitepapers can be easily accessed from the upgraded Kaeser website.

• Compressed air engineering handbook. Visitors to the new website can also access the Compressed Air Engineering handbook. Following an in-depth introduction to the field of compressed air technology, this handbook covers a series of practical tips for system operators and compressed air users.

Visit http://www.kaeser.co.nz to see the new site.