Effective safety training can not only save lives but also aid productivity

Accidents, near misses and other health and safety incidents not only have the potential to cause serious harm to workers, but they can also seriously impact on the productivity and efficiency of a worksite.

Having to close a section of your plant or halt work due to an incident; conduct investigations and complete incident reports; or more seriously – work through treating and rehabilitating an injured worker – are all serious and stressful tasks that also impact on productivity.

In recent years, the introduction of more comprehensive health and safety legislation; advances in technology and design of personal protective equipment; and increased awareness around health and safety procedures has gone a long way towards improving health and safety in New Zealand workplaces. But despite these measures, many sites still lose time and money as a result of health and safety incidents.

Many of these incidents could have been easily avoided if staff had been competently trained to use safety equipment and follow applicable procedures. Whilst many people employed in a health and safety role are trained, it is critical that all employees – frontline workers, supervisors, managers and even company owners – receive training.

As well as improving your workplace health and safety practices, effective training will provide you with a better understanding of the law and your legal obligations; help you avoid severe penalties; allow for improved management of your business; reduce workplace insurance costs and of course; increase efficiency.

NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training has been operating as a specialised training organisation, with a philosophy focused on the areas of health, safety and the environment, since the introduction of health and safety legislation in 1993.

Each specialised trainer is fully qualified, both academically and practically, and can provide both industry expertise and educational experience across a wide range of training areas – including, but not limited to emergency response, elevating work platforms, forklifts, height safety, lockout/tagout, hazardous substances, spill response and contractor management.

NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training also recognises that not all workplaces are the same, and it is often beneficial to customise and tailor training packages to a specific site or situation. Experienced trainers will consult with you and identify your specific training requirements from both a regulatory and an occupational health and safety aspect, then deliver cost-effective training packages tailored to your specific environment.

As well as dedicated training venues in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch equipped with classrooms and purpose-built facilities; training can also be conducted on your worksite, to both minimise downtime and provide practical experience within a relevant environment.

Implementing regular and effective health and safety training for all staff will help ensure day-to-day operations, maintenance work and shut down activities are completed safely – not only ensuring compliance – but also minimising downtime and driving efficiency.

Engage with the experienced team at NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training so they can assess your requirements; pull together the best team to meet your training needs; and implement cost-effective, customised workplace training to minimise costs, reduce downtime, and most importantly, keep your team safe at work.

NZ Safety Blackwoods Worksafe Training is an independent Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).