“Reset, review and refocus” to beat COVID-19 fallout – business expert

Business expert Keith Abraham advises businesses to use the lockdown period to “reset, review and refocus.”

The keynote speaker presented from his home-office during Conquer the Crisis, an emergency virtual conference for small to medium enterprises hosted by Business Blueprint CEO Dale Beaumont.

“You can’t control what the government are going to do, you can’t control lockdown laws, but you can control your mindset,” Mr Abraham said. “We need to have a very clearly defined vision for the next 30 days.”

Mr Abraham suggested businesses take time to figure out what they want to achieve by day 30.

“We have to have purpose. To do this you have to know why. When the why becomes clear the purpose becomes easy. Plan don’t panic.”

He says businesses that plan will make progress and find ways to adapt to this new environment.

“With a plan, you make progress and from that progress you make passion. You want to hang around people with positive energy. You need to make sure you’ve got the energy to conquer the crisis ahead of you.”

He advised that businesses should realise a ‘number one goal’ as this will help to focus progress over the lockdown period.

Mr Abraham has researched how top performing people bring out the best in themselves and their businesses for 20 years.

The conference included the following seminars:

  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow During a Crisis, with Brett Kelly, founder and CEO of Kelly+Partners,
  • The “Post Pandemic” Brand Building Blueprint, with customer experience expert, Amanda Stevens
  • COVID-19: What You Can Do and Not Do Regarding Your Staff, with employment lawyer, Andrew Bland
  • 7 Ways to Find More Customers in Tough Times, with leading business coach, Dale Beaumont
  • How to Better Connect with Customers & Retain Top Talent, with strategic communications expert, Jane Anderson
  • Government Support During COVID-19, with business expert, Matt Alderton
  • How to Get Back Momentum and Keep It, with best-selling author, Michael McQueen

Watch Conquer the Crisis here.