Blazing a trail workshop in the sheet metal manufacturing industry

Replika Manufacturing has built a reputation for being early adopters of the latest technology over the past 40 plus years. So, when word got out about the Trumpf TruMatic 6000, it was a no-brainer. It was time to upgrade.

Back in the 1990’s, the Penrose-based company was the first production jobbing shop in New Zealand to purchase a high-power CO2 Laser cutting machine. This was closely followed by the L5030 Trumpf Fibre Laser a few years later and then the Trumpf Trulaser 5020 Robotic Laser Welder, which is still the only one in the country.

“We are known in the industry for having the most recent technology and we like to keep on top of the latest trends to make sure we can provide our customers with the best solutions,” says manager Tony Plowman.

The TruMatic 6000 is a fully automated combination punch / laser machine. Not only does it have a powerful punching head and laser which guarantee high productivity, it is a large format model with 3000 x 1500 standard working range which allows optimum sheet nesting and waste minimisation.

“We have got both laser cutting and punching technology already, but in many instances, we would have to do both processes separately. We would cut it out on the laser machine, transfer it to the punch and then punch it. Now we can do both of those processes in the same machine,” says Tony. Roll forming and tapping technologies are also available.

“It’s a huge time saver for us and the machine is also automated which makes a big difference as well in terms of cost efficiency.

“There will be faster turnaround for our customers, we’ll be able to get the jobs done quicker and it’ll be a cost saving for them as well.

“It runs faster and doesn’t need to have anyone watching it or controlling it,” says Tony.

The team at Replika have always been loyal Trumpf customers and believe they offer the best reliability and are the most ahead in terms of technology.

“We think they are the best manufacturer of machinery for this industry and they are definitely, if not the top, one of the top manufacturers in the world.”

With years of knowledge and experience across the sheet metal component manufacturing industry, the company has developed a reputation for high quality production, and for friendly customer service that takes customers’ requirements very seriously.

“It’s fantastic to see [the TruMatic 6000]working,” says Tony. “We are very happy to be able to have this technology and we’re looking forward to the next advance.”