Going big with Bystronic

The Bystronic Xpert Pro 320-4300 CNC press brake could sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi novel, but to the educated engineering ear, it sounds like opportunity.

That is exactly why this piece of hi-tech machinery has made its way into the factory of a busy Auckland subcontract sheet metal fabricator.

After 17 years operating out of Ōtāhuhu, Precision Laser Cutting Limited CEO, Steve Caddle, decided it was time to move the company to larger premises in East Tāmaki.

“We were bursting at the seams [in Ōtāhuhu]. Due to an ever-increasing workload we had no choice but to look for a bigger workshop to cope with the demand. After getting despondent about the lack of suitable workshops and almost giving up, the Harris Road site came on the market,” says Caddle.

“We set about planning the shift, leaving room also for some new equipment to increase our capacity.

“With the recent addition of the 10 KW Bystar Fiber 4020 having settled in over the last six months without a hitch, the demand for folding longer and heavier parts was increasing.”

With this is mind Caddle decided to look for a suitable press brake to address this problem.

“We needed at least 300 tonne x 4-metre-long machine, so options were limited,” he says.

After some investigation and consideration of other brands, he decided the Bystronic was the best fit.

“The new machine is a lot larger. It has 320 tonne bending pressure which means we can do much larger work than we did in the past and it’s also 4.3 metres long. It’s the largest press brake we’ve got so that enables us to fold a lot thicker material and handle longer parts,” Caddle says.

“Now we can fold 4-metre-long parts as well, where before we couldn’t. It increases our capacity.”

Caddle and his team have been loyal Bystronic laser customers since 2004 but had ended up running a range of press brakes over the years. They wanted a machine that suited their needs and to be sure they were working with the best technology available.

“An important point of difference [between us and our competitors]is that we don’t mind folding low volume or one-off parts.

“For this to be effective it’s important to have highly skilled press brake operators that take pride in their work and good high-end press brakes that will assist them to make the right part, first time around.

“We did consider other brands and had always preferred hybrid servo hydraulic machines but Bystronic’s implementation of traditional hydraulics combined with the Dynamic Crowning which does not need adjusting, and the Lams laser angle measurement system, ensures the Xpert Pro 320 folds accurate parts every time particularly important when a lot of complicated one-off parts are required.”

Rudi Wasmuth of Bystronic Australia says the purchase is notable because although Bystronic and Precision Laser Cutting have had a very long relationship of more than 15 years, Caddle is still a very discerning customer.

“Steve is very careful about what he buys. He searched for a lot of information on other brands before he decided to choose our machine,” says Wasmuth.

“For us this is the best technology he can buy at the moment. There’s nothing better on the market.”