A&G Price Ltd

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A&G Price Ltd is your one stop engineering shop for CAD drawings, castings, machining, fabrication, fitting and painting.

Castings can be supplied in all grades of cast and ductile iron, steel, stainless steel and non ferrous materials.

With on-site chemical, mechanical, NDT testing and heat treatment, castings can be certified to all international standards.

The machine shop can machine the smallest components through to giant items up to 6.15 meters diameter weighing 40 tonnes, CNC milling machines to 10 metres long general machining, surface grinding and gear cutting.
The Fabrication Shop is equipped for heavy rolling and pressing work with 20 tonne lifting capacity and a welding data base for most materials and welding processes.

Worn out machinery can be dismantled, reconditioned and rebuilt in our heavy fitting shop and sand blasted and painted in any colour.

General manager: Peter Yates 

Sales/marketing manager: Barry Ingle 

Marketing contact: Barry Ingle 

Sales manager: Barry Ingle 

Location: 208 Beach Road, Thames 3450, New Zealand