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Injection moulding machinery and automation.

Injection moulding machinery – from 25 tonne to 5,500 tonne clamp force – hydraulic, hybrid, fully electric, automation… all from a single source – Techspan New Zealand.

Techspan New Zealand has represented Engel since its inception in 1979. The company’s Auckland premises house a showroom, warehouse, sales offices and technical service centre.

Techspan New Zealand is part of the Techspan Group, a 100% privately-owned company, supplying quality industrial products since 1979.

For further information call 0800 603 603 or visit our comprehensive website.

General manager: Dave Fastnedge

Sales/marketing manager: Tim Fastnedge

Finance director: Jon Fastnedge

Location: 1 Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600, New Zealand

Postal Address: PO Box 15262, New Lynn, Auckland 0640, New Zealand

Brands: Clearmelt, Coinjection, Coinmelt, Combimelt, Decoject, Duo, E-Cap, E-Connect, E-Connect.24, E-Connect.Monitor, E-Duo, E-Mac, E-Motion, E-Speed, E-Victory, Elast, Engel, Engel Automation, Engel Injection, Flexseal, Flomo, Foammelt, Foilmelt, Gasmelt/Watermelt, Glasemelt, Inject 4.0, Insert, IQ Clamp Control, IQ Flow Control, IQ Melt Control, IQ Vibration Control, IQ Weight Control, LIM, Optimelt, Project (+), Techspan, Tecomelt, TIG authentig, V-Duo, Variomelt, Victory, Wintec