Introducing on-site 3D printing for new or replacement parts

The demand for 3D printing has moved from the test and trial phase to providing real solutions for differing industry needs.

Bionic Production GmbH has applied their knowledge and experience in producing 3D printed parts in Europe to develop the ‘Mobile Smart Factory’, now being made available in New Zealand and Australia.

The Mobile Smart Factory provides the opportunity for on-location production for industries anywhere and is especially helpful to those companies operating in remote geographical locations or just outside their research facility. Undoubtedly, this is an attractive proposition to Australian and New Zealand companies operating remotely in mining, gas and oil production, offshore oil platforms, or in wind farms located on land or in the sea. Bionic Production says this revolutionises the availability of 3D printing as it combines all three areas of the process: design, 3D build and post-production neatly secured in two standard 20ft shipping containers. Housed in this way means the containers can be shipped or transported by rail or aircraft to the sit location. Even relocated when required.

The Smart Factory offers two forms of 3D printing – metal or polymer. Each Mobile Smart Factory is tailor-made to meet customer needs. It may include wire arc additive manufacturing technology (WAAM), a metal AM laser system, along with a milling and drilling process. Or the system can be delivered set up to produce polymer products applying fused deposition modelling (FDM).

The team at Raymax Applications in Sydney provide consultation and support to help identify the most suitable solution for each users’ needs, train the operators and assist in preparing the CAD files ready for use. The Smart Factory can be used to make one-off replacement parts or build, test, trial and modify supplementary sections t original parts or develop completely new parts.

The Mobile Smart Factory is aimed at providing convenience for part production whenever and wherever located encouraging innovation along with reducing supply logistics and loss in production downtime.

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