Towering above the rest for welding space and safety

Welding safely includes adequate filtration of harmful fumes – let a new space saving filter improve your workshop.

Danish fume extraction specialist Geovent has over 50 years production experience in the ventilation and extraction industry. Continuous development and constant response to find new and better solutions to nuisance fumes means the company offers nearly 5000 products to choose from, all designed to improve workspaces efficiently, protecting staff from welding fumes and exhaust gases in a variety of industries.

NZ Duct+Flex is Geovent’s Australasian distributor and has already placed the new Geo filter GFB2 Tower model into several workplaces around New Zealand. This space saving model is an all-in-one, self-cleaning cartridge filter solution, with a built-in fan on top.

The fan is a highly efficient MEF fan with B-type impellors (backward curving self- cleaning blades) housed in a sound dampening casing – the perfect solution to protect the environment, filter the air and remove the damaging particles. And it does it while providing a reduced noise level, and low energy use.

The GEO filter GBF2 is supplied with timer control for the compressed air cleaning as standard. Manufactured with a robust galvanised finish for indoor or outdoor use, if installed outdoors, the supplier suggests a short roof to keep the worst of the rain/snow off. There are three models to choose from, providing a filter area from 60 to 120m² and there are several types of filter cartridges dependent upon on fume or dust type. The filter is ideal for welding smoke, laser/plasma machining or cutting, or fine dust.

Ideal for workshops with limited floor space, the compact filter has a matching fan dropped on top within an acoustic box. Coupled with a silencer, noise levels are below the common factory floor 80db level.

“‘We have sold a lot of the small fume filters from this Danish company in the last 3-4 years,” says Geoff Ebdon, sales manager for NZ Duct+Flex. “But we sometimes had customers with very limited space, and the noise level could be an issue with separate fans. Combining the two into one slightly taller unit have overcome these problems.”

Choosing the tower unit also saves access costs and possible leak issues involved with cutting holes in roofs for expelling fumes to atmosphere.

For more information visit or call 0508 69 38 28 to discuss your dust and fume extraction issues.