Secair Kaishan alliance adds advanced compressed air technology

In an absolutely ‘win:win’ situation, Kaishan Australia has recently appointed Secair New Zealand to distribute and service its range of world class air compressors and ancillary system components to the NZ market.

While Secair will continue to offer other leading brands of compressed air products, the Kaishan brand will constitute the New Zealand company’s new flagship range of heavy-duty, energy-saving air compressors.

“In line with our business model of supplying only the best quality equipment to our customers, the addition of world class machinery through Kaishan Australia puts us at the forefront of globally advanced, compressed air technology,” says Campbell Waugh, technical sales engineer at Secair.

“Kaishan compressors fully support our quality product and customer care ethos with extended warranties including a lifetime warranty on the airends in their industrial single and 2-stage rotary screw compressors.”

Established in 1978, Secair has “provided innovative solutions to the New Zealand compressed air industry for over 40 years”. With the capability to design, assemble and install systems for specialised applications to customised service programmes that match customer needs, Secair says it is perfectly matched to extend the Southern East Asia arm of Kaishan Australia.

Mark Ferguson, CEO of Kaishan Australia says, “After establishing the Kaishan brand around Australia through a network of branches and selected distributors, we are confident that Secair NZ is the ideal associate company to expand our business in New Zealand.

“After exhaustive research, it became obvious that Secair echoed our history and capabilities as Southern Cross Compressors and now as Kaishan Australia. We were not only looking for a quality distributor but a professional, experienced company that could sell, service and support our brand across New Zealand.”

The comparisons between the two companies are quite remarkable with both in operation over 40 years in their respective countries. Both were built on a strong servicing background providing deep insight into the needs and specialised nuances of their markets. Both companies are staffed with industry professionals, engineers and highly trained mobile technicians with a full understanding of the energy efficiencies required in the industry today and into the future.

“This alliance with Kaishan Australia gives Secair the ability to offer its customers the most advanced compressed air systems available on a global scale including permanent magnet variable control technology utilising lower input energy to generate required air pressure levels.”

Campbell adds: “Adding the broad range of Kaishan compressor types and models now provides our customers with a wider and more application targeted choice of system to exactly suit their needs. Our technicians are fully trained and capable in the design, installation and servicing of these advanced technologies.”

Large or small, standard or specialised, Secair now have the capability and the will to provide a complete range of products and services to NZ industry including:

  • Single and 2-stage rotary compressors
  • Compact tank mounted rotary screw compressors
  • Scroll, Ox series tank mounted, integrated plug-in systems
  • Piston compressors
  • Rotary screw vacuum pumps
  • Compressed air system components
  • Full range of specialised compressor lubricants
  • System design and installation
  • Reconditioned equipment
  • Compressor hire

“Secair understands the importance of maintaining compressed air systems to perform at maximum efficiency day in day out. To this end the company provides the best possible customer care programmes available with 24/7 emergency callout capabilities. These include routine compressor servicing, predictive servicing, air leak checks, air audits, spare parts, repairs and air end rebuilds.”

For more information visit or call (09) 634 4211.