Know-how… Can-do with ITS and bio-concept coolant

Irving Tooling Solutions (ITS) was started by Jonathan Irving 19 years ago and through that time the company has “built a reputation for bringing experienced know-how to machine shops in the cutting tool game”.

Recently, ITS shifted into new premises in Christchurch to allow for larger stock holding and the increase to six staff.

“A growth area for ITS has been Blaser Swisslube – bio-concept coolant. It has been important for customers to show them that your coolant choice can be one of the largest gains in reliability and productivity for a machine shop,” says Irving.

“Having staff with hands on experience of the Blaser product gave ITS a big advantage in introducing it to the rest of New Zealand,” says Irving. ITS’ application engineer James Lubbers, he says, is a perfect example with years of experience using Blaser 2000 when working for G-Tech Bellmor Engineering.

Blaser Swisslube was started in 1936 with a focus on bringing a different mindset of products to the market. “Blaser product development technicians have always had to innovate to make their market leading products, as some of the refining techniques and methods did not exist. It has allowed Blaser to provide the market gains in both performance and health.”

The Swisslube bio-concept of naturally controlling bacteria growth makes it ideal for anyone that has skin or health issues says Irving. “The bio-concept also eliminates the exposure to many of the chemicals generic brands use to control bacteria, some of which have known carcinogens.

“Many years of work goes into creating a product that produces better surface finishes and tool life. Irving Tooling Solutions has six different Blaser products in stock for immediate delivery. The latest additions being B-Cool MC600 and Synergy 915.”

B-Cool MC600 narrows the gap between lower cost generic brand cutting fluids and Blaser’s “ultimate performance” products. MC600 has low foam at high pressures; important as many new machines have small coolant tanks.

“Health of operators and environment has not been compromised, with no chlorine, boron, sulphur, or formaldehyde which can be found in other fluid brands. Like all Blaser products, machine cleanliness is market leading,” says Irving.

Synergy 915 is primarily for cylindrical and surface grinders.

“Most customers previously would just use their general-purpose fluids across their whole workshop and in their grinders too. This creates massive problems in all areas of grinding,” Irving explains. “Synergy 915 rinses or ‘lets go’ of the grinding fines a lot quicker leaving the wheel clear to cut, so less dressing is required. It also has a lot better cooling qualities so less heat affected bending.”

He says that users could trial hundreds of different cutting tools chasing productivity, but by choosing Blaser Swisslube it will increase the performance of every cutting tool you use.

“Don’t just take our word for it, ask some of our customers that have changed to Blaser and instantly noticed the improvement, like Jonathan Proffit at JP Engineering: ‘This coolant has made all the difference; I’m getting twice as many parts with the same programmes’.”