In the food production, equipment manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries, bearings are among the most critical machine components. Quite literally, they keep plant and equipment rolling. Getting the right specification and advice for regular maintenance and repair is essential, and NZ Safety Blackwoods offers a wide range of high-quality bearings, delivered fast and effectively.

As a maintenance engineer, a project manager, or a fitter on the shop floor, you need access to the right bearings, and quickly. Delays can cost your company and your personal reputation, compromise operator safety, and can bring your customer’s business to a grinding halt. Their proper selection and maintenance keep equipment running smoothly and businesses running freely.


“We bring you a comprehensive range of bearings from some of the most recognisable brands, with short delivery time frames. We can despatch the same day, with overnight delivery in most cases,” says national category manager William Walker.

He adds that speed of delivery, customer service, and following through on a promise are the focus for his team.

“A lot of requests come with, ‘How quickly you can get it to me?’” And customers don’t want to be disappointed. “So, if we say we’re going to get the order to them overnight, we’ve got to get it to them overnight.”

“For every hour equipment is out of action, it could cost the factory hundreds of thousands of dollars says Walker. Manufacturing maintenance people have to identify and diagnose problems quickly. And they’re often having to get product really fast, so they’re literally using their phone onsite to order straight from us.”


Walker adds: “Our engineering product specialists source from internationally recognised brands to give customers premium-quality ball and roller bearings, housings, bushes and ancillaries. The team can support you with expert advice on the best products for any use. They know their bearings inside and out.

“Bearings are so vital in keeping some businesses and sectors running that if a customer has a critical spare part, we’ll make sure they always have access to it – either in stock online or in stock in their regional store,” says Walker.

“We take on our customers’ challenges by knowing what a business needs before they need it. And our bearings product range has all the ancillaries a maintenance manager could desire, including circlips, O-rings, oil seals and lubricants. Together, with this enhanced bearings range, we help our engineering customers work safer, smarter and more efficiently, with the right solutions, running end to end.”


“Our teams work hard to give you the fastest delivery time frames possible, with multiple ways to order via website, app, customer service or your local NZSB representative, and backed by a supplier partner with second-to-none service, typically despatching to your site the same day or the day after.

“Nothing annoys our customers more than if they place an order and then find they can’t get it,” says Walker. “They get a lot of pressure downstream. It’s almost like it’s their fault when a product doesn’t arrive on time.

“Being able to speak with a team who knows what you need, stocks reputable brands, and delivers as promised is what gives our customers confidence.”

The NZ Safety Blackwoods team aims to be your business partner when it comes to bearings. “We know that having the right components when you need them builds your professional reputation and earns you repeat work.”

“Our job is to take action with quality products, innovations and expertise to keep you and your customers’ businesses running freely,” says Walker.

To find out more about how NZ Safety Blackwoods can help you and your business visit, phone 0800 660 660 or email