At a time when a skilled labour shortage is causing alarm in engineering circles, ATNZ’s emergence as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) provides the industry with fresh training options, says national manager, Ben Julian.

“With fears that skills shortages may restrict sustainability and growth while adopting new technology demands new skills, ATNZ offers new flexibility and fresh training options,” says Julian.

Established in 1999 as a Group Training Organisation, ATNZ employs nearly four hundred apprentices across New Zealand and delivers high support apprenticeships to almost 200 engineering companies nationwide.

“Since transitioning to a PTE in January this year, ATNZ now offers their own NZQA-approved apprenticeships and specialist training for your broader team. This ability to manage the training for learners they don’t employ themselves offers the industry significantly improved flexibility,” says Julian.

Under both the ATNZ-employed and directly employed models, ATNZ manages the development and training of the apprentice or other learner. Learners and host/employer receive ten visits from a dedicated ATNZ account manager, the highest level of support in the industry. The quality service includes mentoring of learners, additional tutoring, dedicated pastoral care and speed of marking assessments, all integral to superior learner outcomes.

ATNZ has also been developing and implementing new training to fill skills gaps. They have just released fresh NZQA-approved programmes, with Levels 3 and 4 welding certificates now available. Both programmes are 42 weeks/60 credits and can lead to a NZ Certificate in Engineering Fabrication (Level 4) apprenticeship. Other NZQA-approved training, including a 95-credit fluid power qualification, is in development.

“ATNZ is developing public training courses on demand as part of a commitment to being a nimble and responsive training provider. The first of these is a machining course focusing on quality control which is currently under development.”For more information or to get in touch with an ATNZ account manager email