The future of steel in New Zealand: Seven steps to becoming a global low-carbon exemplar

By Dr Troy Coyle, HERA CEO The International Panel on Climate Change’s recent report described climate change as “widespread, rapid and intensifying”. The steel industry has a part to play and is leading extensive collaboration to reduce emissions in the near term and activate a long-term framework to become a global low-carbon leader. The stepsContinue reading “The future of steel in New Zealand: Seven steps to becoming a global low-carbon exemplar”

Wait – Before you press print

By Dr Juan Schutte, R&D engineer at UoA’s Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab 3D printing (3DP) has achieved phenomenal success and grown to be a highly prominent tool for innovation and product manufacturing with it currently estimated to be an industry worth NZ$17.7 billion. It is no surprise that most of New Zealand’s majorContinue reading “Wait – Before you press print”

Fundamentals remain

By Daniel Taylor, head of manufacturing, NZTE Historically, New Zealand manufacturing exporters have thrived on conducting business face-to-face. Whether it be a trade show in Europe, or commissioning a new piece of machinery in Asia, we’ve always been comfortable hopping on planes and visiting customers on their turf. COVID-19 has forced a radical rethink ofContinue reading “Fundamentals remain”

The Cridge Litigation – Lessons for expert witnesses

By Stuart Robertson, partner, and Andrea Lim, solicitor, at Dentons Kensington Swan In all construction defect cases (whether it be vertical or horizontal), expert witnesses are often pivotal in the outcome of the case. If you regularly provide, or are called on to give, expert advice/evidence in any dispute forum, the recent High Court judgmentContinue reading “The Cridge Litigation – Lessons for expert witnesses”