NZ-UK Free Trade Agreement – What does this mean for NZ’s Construction Industry?

On October 20, 2021, New Zealand and the United Kingdom reached agreement in principle on the key elements of a new free trade agreement between the two countries. While most covered related to the eventual gains by NZ’s food and wine industries, there will also be an impact on the construction industry writes Dentons Kensington Swan.

Engineering a prototype juvenile fish sorting system

The use of 3D printing and laser cutting equipment, along with much research, has combined to create a prototype juvenile fish sorting system. Developed by University of Canterbury Master of Engineering student Stefano Barfucci as part of a NIWA-led project, it offers an innovative way to allow undersized juvenile fish to escape directly from the trawl net.

NBS, negligent misstatement and a duty of care

By Stuart Robertson, partner, Andrea Lim, solicitor, and Marlan Praba, law graduate, at Dentons Kensington Swan The NBS Rating System (NBS) is an evaluation procedure used by engineers as a means of assessing the ability of existing buildings to withstand earthquake loads from a life safety perspective. The NBS and its complex nature, however, hasContinue reading “NBS, negligent misstatement and a duty of care”

3D printing human 2.0

By Dr Juan Schutte, R&D engineer at UoA’s Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab The opening scene of HBO’s Westworld contains awe-inspiring scenes where robots (aided by the dramatic musical score) work to replicate and manufacture humans and animals. This concept of recreating/manufacturing human anatomy is extremely popular within science fiction. Much like the evolutionContinue reading “3D printing human 2.0”