Welcome to a new dimension of welding and a new best friend

It’s often said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but when it comes to professional welding, your welding helmet is way out in front.

Given the thousands of hours that you will be spending working with your welding helmet, it only makes sense that the welding helmet you choose should be of the ultimate quality and provide the highest safety protection standards available. You put in the hard yards welding, week in, week out looking to the future and the next generations.

Can you imagine retirement with fading eyesight due to improper/inferior eye protection? As the original inventor of the auto darkening helmet Optrel offers a full range of innovative, cutting edge designed specifically to provide the best protections and solutions to welders needs worldwide.

All over the world, welders have asked and Optrel has listened and provided solutions. Optrel innovations protect customers in many different industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, metal fabrication, energy fabrication, construction and engineering, maintenance, art, d-i-y and leisure activities.

Optrel’s brand new Panoramaxx helmet is the most innovative and ergonomic helmet available on the market to date, and represents a ‘step change’ in the level of comfort, visibility and function for the welding industry. The Panoramaxx helmets unique lens design offers a massive expansion of the field of view for the welder, up to six times that of most other helmets on the market. This is achieved by a unique and patented design allowing the lens to be positioned in close proximity to the eyes. This large increase in visibility is achieved while also increasing comfort levels and decreasing the weight to extremely low levels using cutting edge materials and technology. The light state of 2.5, which is a world first combined with the expansive viewing area makes it feel like looking out a large window at an expansive landscape.

The true colour optics opens an entirely new visual dimension, allowing welders to see the full colour spectrum and realistic colour renditions in all environments. Professional welder worldwide are posting rave reviews after experiencing the brightness, clarity and expansive vision. Optrel’s Vegaview 2.5 helmet also offers the 2.5 super light shade in open state, improving the welders view by up to 400% versus other helmets with an open light state of 4.0.

The new E684 welding helmet from Optrel continues the innovation, and closes the gap between man and machine, so that both can perform at their best and maximise speed and efficiency. The revolutionary “Autopilot” function included on the E684 is based on a newly developed sensor concept, which measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts the shade level.

Now welders can concentrate fully on their work without interrupting the welding process, even when the welding parameters change. The result is outstanding productivity without compromising quality and concentration. The e684 is the only fully automated welding helmet with protection level 5 to 13 on the market and it pushes conventional auto darkening welding helmets into the realm of semi-automated protection gear. In addition, the e684 boasts further innovations that make it a must-have for any professional welder.

The Optrel premium PAPR systems, which have been designed from the ground up for welders, are optimised to work in conjunction with the whole range of Optrel helmets. The long working times, unique safety alerts and on board visual indicators ensures that the welder has the ultimate protection, yet can work with total freedom and minimum of additional weight.

In conclusion, for sure, all ‘auto darkening’ helmets change from a light state to a dark state when they sense an arc, but that is where the similarity ends. And in some cases, the difference is very scary. By investing less than a week’s wage in an Optrel helmet, you can prove the massive comfort gains, increased protection levels and efficiencies that 100’s of thousands of discerning welders worldwide are enjoying.