The worlds’ narrowest surge protection for signal applications

Starting from 3.5mm wide, Termitrab complete is the world’s narrowest surge protection solution for all applications in measurement and control technology. The new product range provides you with a complete system kit, featuring a status indicator and optional remote signalling.

A wide variety of signals are transmitted using measurement and control technology. This requires an increasingly large packing density. The new Termitrab complete product range provides surge protection starting at an overall width of 3.5mm. This represents a space saving of up to 50% in comparison with 7mm installations. This means that the protective devices can protect up to 572 signals against surge voltages on just one metre of DIN rail. This is made possible by the innovative Push-in connection technology and the use of particularly flat components.

The protective devices with an overall width of 6mm also offer an unprecedented range of circuit versions and product features. Termitrab complete increases the availability of your system and substantially reduces required space.

Termitrab complete provides visual and electrical signalling right at the protective device. The integrated disconnect feature, ensures that the surge protection solution behaves safely in the event of an overload. It signals the status on each individual protective device mechanically and visually without auxiliary power. Optional transmit and receiver signalling modules monitor the status of up to 40 neighbouring surge protective devices by means of a photoelectric beam. Installation is simplified as a result: no additional wiring or programming is required for the protection modules. The remote signalling sets have Push-in or screw connection. In the event of a thermal overload, the remote signalling modules notify the control room, for example, of the status in the form of a group message via a floating contact. The advantage in this is that you are always notified of the status of your surge protection system and can quickly replace overloaded protective devices.

Termitrab can be field tested, provide local signalling, and optional remote signalling and can be selected according to your specific requirements thanks to the tailor-made product range. The surge protective devices are available with push-in connection technology as well as screw connection. Versions are also available with innovative knife disconnection and for Ex applications. Choose from simple, ultra-narrow protective devices, products with testable protective plugs, signalling, optional remote signaling modules and more. Termitrab complete offers over 100 products with different circuit and voltage versions. Various connection technologies and product features round off the portfolio. This variety provides you with a solution for almost all signal technology applications.

Water/wastewater and the process industry expect a high degree of availability. In this respect, automated processes with modern signal applications are basic components whose proper function must always be ensured. With individualised solutions, state-of-the art surge protection makes a significant contribution to meeting this demand. In process technology for example, transient over-voltages are often directly coupled into the copper lines (eg when lightning strikes in the vicinity). They cause defects in electronic signalling systems in process technology systems. This can lead to a costly system shutdown. Termitrab complete offers solutions for protecting your system from damage due to surge voltages. This ensures that your system is in stable condition over the long term. It also offers a wide variety of auxiliary functions that increase maintenance convenience in large process systems. Integrated disconnect knives let users disconnect the control system from the field cable. This makes maintenance work and measurements easy. The product range contains products that may be installed in Ex areas up to Ex zone 1 with IECEX and ATEX approval.