Adding Baykal to the fold: Qubik looks to Machinery House for solutions

When expanding its offering to include stainless steel fabrication to its services, Qubik looked to Machinery House to purchase a Baykal press brake and Baykal guillotine.

Offering the complete package to farmers – milking systems, effluent management, refrigeration, pre-cooling, water reticulation and now stainless steel fabrication – Qubik has three branches across New Zealand, including Te Awamutu, Putāruru and Otorohanga.

“We have a 3,000sqm footprint, that we’ve dedicated to use going forward to site our stainless fabrication division,” says Jason Hare, general manager at Qubik, Te Awamutu.

Miles Donald, national manager at Machinery House Auckland, says the team at Qubik has made a smart choice with the purchase of Baykal machinery.

“Baykal is precision, top-of-the-line gear,” says Donald.

“Qubik bought the press brake for folding stainless, and the guillotine to cut the material used in the press brake.”

Donald says Machinery House has sold a few of these Baykal machines recently.

“There is demand for wanting that extra quality, not having to muck around or measure things. With CNC it’s all programmable and they’re efficient and save so much downtime.”

And this was one of the drawcards for Qubik’s installation of the new machines.

“These new pieces of machinery enable us to be able to do more work in-house without having to have extra downtime and subcontracting,” says Hare.

“It means we can offer a more customised service because we can design and fabricate on site, which allows us to produce things faster and at a more cost-effective rate.”

Donald says that for any other Kiwi companies also looking to purchase a Baykal press brake from Machinery House, it will save “so much time with less problems”.

“With bending steel what can happen on an NC machine or a manual press brake if you don’t get the fold right, you can waste that whole sheet which can cost you a lot of money. By having something which is CNC – it’s got automatic crowning on it as well – it does the job perfectly for you with no mucking around or wastage.”

When it comes to the installation of machinery, Machinery House’s on-site technicians can help set everything up and get things going.

“We can commission the whole machine down to arranging delivery. We arrange the machine to be bolted to the ground and we’ll test it, run it up for the customer and we also show them the programming and how to use it,” says Donald.

“Generally, we would be there for two days. That way we can work out what they’re doing, show them how to do it, and they’re good to go from there on.”