Baubot: Robots working hard on site

Whether it be handling and transportation of building and construction material, observation, screw driving, plasma cutting or drilling, Baubot is the new kid on the construction site.

Developed by Austrian start-up Printstones, Baubot has a modular design and is future-proofed through external inputs meaning any tool and any location is possible with developed able to use SDK as an interface to the robot’s functionality.

Baubot can climb stairs, drive through doors and is electric powered. It has a maximum speed of 3.2 km/h with a possible payload of 500kg.

The positioning of the robotic arm has an accuracy of below 1mm. Currently, the operation time can be up to 8 hours depending on the application. The mobile robot can be used in manual or preprogrammed mode, in which case the robot’s workday can be simulated upfront.

Charge lasts up to eight hours – depending on tasks – and Baubot’s multi-function robot arm has a reach of 1,000mm, has an accuracy of under 1mm, and can accommodate a number of different tools to help with construction tasks such as milling and drilling, driving in screws, plasma cutting, welding, laying bricks, sanding and painting surfaces, and more.