CNC long folding Swiss technology for the construction industry

When Allan’s Sheetmetal in Otago wanted to increase its ability to produce sheet metal flashings, the company went to the market looking for the latest technologies that are available to help its productivity and give the ability to produce product with more flexibility, faster and more accurately.

A solution was found with the simultaneous bending of complex profiles with the Swiss manufactured Jorns JDB double bending machine. The JDB can produce bending profiles without turning them around or over, it has an array of possible profile variations. Several parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles can be bent simultaneously – an innovation that increases the speed of work.

The use of servo-technology, the automatic loading and unloading table as well as the individually driven clamping fingers allow maximum precision, flexibility and productivity. Thanks to two bending tools, material handling has also been drastically reduced. Intuitive graphic programming, high level of angular accuracy and the uniform folds are all an integral part of the JDB.

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