Treotham: Supplying quality, major brands to key industries

As the exclusive distributor for the many international product lines, Treotham customers gain from its local presence and the extensive knowledge and experience of the company’s staff.

“We strive to create a total solution for our customers, using a range of products with many years of technical experience. Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of high-quality components and products to industrial markets,” says Alec Stanley, Treotham national sales manager.

Treotham was established in New Zealand in 2010 and supplies high-quality electrical components and products to a wide range of industrial markets. Its’ years of experience in industrial automation and long-term partnerships with key suppliers including igus, Kabeltec, PMA, Wittenstein and more, provide a “market-leading position”.

Treotham acquired Automation Equipment in August 2020 which allowed Treotham to offer customers even more support as well as a larger range of products and services to provide a more complete solution for its customers.

The expanded business now operates out of an Auckland office and Hamilton warehousing, engineering and sales office making it even more convenient for customers. Through the introduction of new ranges of products from suppliers such as Schmalz Germany (vacuum automation, vacuum handling and vacuum clamping), Pneumax Italy (pneumatics), Interroll Australia (conveyor components) and others, Treotham Automation is now able to offer customers across New Zealand a more complete solution. With an increased support and engineering staff, Treotham Automation has combined its years of experience from both companies to offer extended customer service experiences and greater opportunity for technical solutions; visits enabling stronger engineering support.

The warehouse is governed by a rigorous supply chain management system. This means that the efficient and capable logistics officers are working hard to ensure customers receive their order quickly, keeping them informed of its delivery time along the way. Often stock items are available for next-day delivery – if not, products are air-freighted on a weekly basis direct from Treotham’s suppliers in Europe. A fully equipped workshop facility with factory trained service and technical engineers provides fast and reliable service and custom-built solutions for special applications.

Treotham is the exclusive distributor for over 20 major international product lines. Through a network of warehouses in New Zealand and Australia, Treotham stocks thousands of high quality products. “We strive to be the market leader in the field. Many of the companies we represent are world leaders.

One of the main reasons for the company’s continued success is diversity.

“We supply a diverse range of products and components to a variety of industry sectors – everything from mining to railways and theatres. We don’t rely on any one sector. Also, we offer only the highest quality products and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.”

The diverse range of products includes flexible cables, accessories, chains, bearings, connectors, flexible conduits, safety products, sensors, position controls, gear boxes, linear units vacuum technology, clamping systems, pneumatics and conveyor components.

“To survive tough economic times New Zealand manufacturers now have to work smarter. Innovation is extremely important with a need to become more automated. Many of the products from Treotham are now equipped with smart monitoring, alerting engineers ahead of time when maintenance is necessary.

“It is no longer sufficient to just sell products – you have to sell a total solution. Treotham is committed to embracing new technologies and pushing the boundaries of industry best practice. We are one of only a few companies in New Zealand that can offer a total solution. As a leader in automation control we have a broad capacity to provide systems and solutions using a diverse range of products and components.”

Treotham is involved in many industries including food processing, agricultural, medical, stage lighting, robotics, rail, mining, packaging and handling and dairy.