Automation and the use of robotics set to grow significantly

As we move into 2022, we can be sure about some things says Paul Claridge, business development director at Design Energy.

“There will be more uncertainty around Covid with the Omicron strain, supply chains will continue to be disrupted and labour shortages will remain endemic,” says Claridge.

He points to ‘Market Research Future’ who took a detailed look at the demand for industrial robots, involving the major industrial robot manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the US. This showed that the global market is set to grow by 10% per year through to 2027, he says.

According to the MRF report the high level of demand is driven by a combination of factors including:

• Huge demand for consumer electronic devices, packaging, machinery, pharmaceuticals, and other goods driving demand for industrial robotics

• The commitment by e-sellers as well as large producers to customers which is driving the market

• Efforts to curb labour costs as well as enhance efficiency supporting market development

“Yet another driver for the adoption of industrial robots are government schemes aimed at raising productivity. This is something we need to see more of in the New Zealand context as our levels of productivity have lagged most OECD countries for a considerable period,” says Claridge.

He says that the growth of robotic automation presents a great opportunity for local manufacturers to become more efficient and productive, and to be more internationally competitive.

“Our own experience working with a wide range of companies throughout NZ shows unprecedented demand for robotic automation systems and reinforces the trends noted earlier.

“Given that, automation is going to be an even more essential component for New Zealand manufacturing businesses to be able to deal successfully with permanent labour shortages and unprecedented consumer demand for manufacturing.”

“If you want help with your automation initiatives, work with our highly experienced robotic automation engineers with 150 years’ experience. We will help you to be more productive and successful through automation.”

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