A partner that values your customers as much as you do

Watson Marlow has come a far way since their inception some 65 years ago. Today, this FTSE100 powerhouse comprises 10 leading brands, each a specialist in niche fluid transfer technologies. The company services an array of industries including mining, wastewater, and food and beverage.

Beyond its market share and concise understanding of fluid technologies, Watson Marlow’s clear differentiator is its customer-centric approach

“We are problem solvers. Our people around the world are specialists in the work they do, and the company is structured to empower and support our customers,” says Elie Elazar, regional sales manager (ANZ).

In its search for a trusted partner, Elazar says that Watson Marlow looks for companies that treat its customers “as their own”, and adds that quick turnaround, exceptional service, and quality products are crucial to ensuring a successful partnership.

Enter Bonfiglioli.

A partnership is born

Among its portfolio of premium brands is Bredel. Bredel hose pumps and hose elements offer high reliability and low maintenance for high-flow, high-pressure duties.

“We were in search of a second partner for Bredel to diversify our database. We were looking for a partner that offered local assembly and expertise,” he says.

This led Watson Marlow to Bonfiglioli. One of the world’s prominent gear box suppliers, Bonfiglioli caught Bredel’s attention because of its established footprint and ability to service customers across the globe.

Harry Singh, NSW sales manager for Bonfiglioli Australia believes that the partnership was solidified by closely aligned values and a customer-centric approach to business.

“We both focus on quality and customer service. We treat Watson Marlow’s reputation as our own and always go the extra mile. Customers can rest assured that when they deal with us, their gearbox is backed by a dedicated team, superior service and a warranty.”

The brief was to assemble Bredel pumps on behalf of Watson Marlow in various sizes (40, 50, 65, 80 and 100).

“After assembly, we supply and install our 300 series planetary gearmotor to drive these pumps. These particular pumps can be found in various sectors that require pumping application such as mining, construction and water treatment plants.”

Singh adds that the 300 planetary series was specifically selected to align to an international agreement that the companies already had in place. “This product is tried and tested around the world and delivers a seamless roll-out for maintenance, spares and repairs.”

Due to its high torque output and long service life, Bonfiglioli also supplies an inline planetary HD gearbox to drive the pump.

“Selections can be made by size without changes to the pump. The product is available on various rations from a .37 to 15kW motor and speeds can be easily set depending on the pump requirement.”

When the partnership began, the Bonfiglioli team was thoroughly trained and supervised by Watson Marlow’s engineering services manager; however, it soon became apparent that Bonfiglioli could operate efficiently on their own.

Elezar says: “The Bonfiglioli team can independently assemble and perform the necessary quality tests to ensure that the customer receives a fully operational product with all guarantees and warrantees in place. Customers can rest assured that we can validate their warranty and service their product. This is exactly why quality is so important to Watson Marlow. We need to trust our partners to deliver work to the same quality standards that we subscribe to, to ensure continuous operation for our customers.”

Moving forward

“We look forward to maintaining and strengthening our partnership as we continue to grow our local market share” says Singh.

Elazar adds: “Bonfiglioli were quick to deliver and keen to assist. They offer good service, product availability and the technical expertise required to deliver a complete pump solution for our customers.”