Master of Civil Engineering evening

In any evolving industry, you must continually learn. With that in mind the University of Canterbury is holding a Master of Civil Engineering Information Evening on Wednesday May 25 from 5–7pm.

Whether you are looking to upskill or specialise, learn advanced technologies and methods, or to increase your knowledge base from experienced engineering professions with strong industry connections this is the event for you.

It’s a chance to meet the lecturers who will mentor you, learn about the range of master degree programmes available and chat about the benefits of taking time to further qualify yourself.

By attending, you will be able to sit in on one or more of the seminars on architectural engineering, fire engineering, or engineering construction management; and take a lab tour.

If you’re not in Christchurch, or can’t make it on the night, you can sign up for a variety of free online webinars.

Master of Engineering programmes include:

  • Master of Architectural Engineering:This practice-focussed degree programme is suited for building designers who want to deepen their technical skills and broaden their knowledge of building performance and the nexus between engineering and architecture. It focusses on improving collaboration between architects and engineers in order to be better equipped to take a holistic approach to designing sustainable buildings of the future. 
  • Master of Engineering Fire Engineering:This degree programme builds on your undergraduate knowledge of mathematics, solid and fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. It delves into how fires develop and their effects on people, buildings and our environment. More specifically, it includes ignition and growth of fires, detection systems, alarm systems, the process of evacuation and structural resistance to fires. This area is of increasing demand as more building regulation occurs. More recently, climate change issues affecting the development of wildfires have been incorporated into this programme.  
  • Master of Civil Engineering Construction Management:This degree programme addresses core dimensions of construction project performance: time, cost, quality, health and safety, and sustainability. It talks about the how. How best to measure, monitor, and manage project delays, cost overrun, quality, health and safety, and construction sustainability. How digital technologies and approaches can be applied to facilitate collaboration and promote project success. How do people make the projects come to life, how best to manage projects, communicate amongst various stakeholders, assess financial reports? All the skills you won’t have learnt as an engineer but will certainly need to go on to management roles. 

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