Quanton signs ANZ deal to provide ‘game change’ in automation

Quanton, New Zealand digital transformation and business process automation specialists, has signed a deal with UK-headquartered Enate Ltd, to bring the next generation process orchestration platform to the ANZ market. This alliance marks the first and only partner focused on Australia and New Zealand for Enate.

Garry Green, managing director/founder for Quanton, says: “The deal will help businesses resolve a key challenge of rapidly improving their workforce productivity, while future proofing their operations. Using the innovative workflow tool, Enate provides end-to-end visibility of your operations and orchestrates work, so that the right work goes to the right resources, at the right time.”

Green says he has known Enate for several years and acknowledges that they have been thought leaders and pioneers in this space. The time is right to launch this innovative workflow product in the ANZ region.

“Covid has accelerated the need for tools like Enate to enable businesses to track their operations. With a distributed workforce there is a need to be more agile and responsive, whilst focusing on improving the customer journey and experience. 

“More importantly, a good team differentiates a business; however, they hard to come by and even harder to retain. So, it is important that they are working on interesting activities, whilst feeling empowered and valued.  Supporting them to do their best work will with the right tools, like Enate, be essential. If businesses don’t, their competitors certainly will be,” he says.

“For many companies using automation, the deployments have been very tactical and scaling has been a challenge. Enate is a game changer, the platform democratises orchestration and workflow, enabling rapid deployment in weeks rather than months. This plays to the demand for greater organisational agility and ability to pivot quickly. The solution also provides rapid payback and high ROI; Organisations using Enate typically see a 15-20% increase in operational efficiency gain.”

James Hall, Enate CEO, says: “Enate provides great operational flexibility and control, and is enabling the future of work because it has a people and competency view.  Enate reaches the parts that other IBPM tools can’t reach because it is rapid and user deployed, with lower implementation costs compared to other tools.

“Quanton has a long heritage of delivering intelligent automation. They recognise the broader mission here, that it’s not just about putting a bot in, it’s about understanding what a customer is trying to achieve to improve the customer and employee experience. Quanton are one of the few consultancies in the global intelligent automation space that can transform clients at scale,” says Hall.

 Enate’s no-code solution can enhance your digital transformation journey by helping businesses understand which processes to automate and why, guiding constant improvement and agility for businesses, enabling them to rapidly integrate bot technologies like RPA, OCR, ML and AI. Enate provides the data and insight that is so crucial in driving transformation for businesses.

Founded by automation industry expert Kit Cox and launched in 2017, the Enate process orchestration platform has four core modules—work manager, builder, dashboarding and self-service—designed to help various roles within an organisation create better, faster processes to streamline operations and enhance customer service.

Organisations can use Enate to capture, route and manage all inbound requests, measure service level agreements, track productivity and utilisation across teams, reduce compliance risks and failures and accelerate automation with analytics that show which processes to automate, what savings to expect and which technology to deploy.