Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released its latest addition to its range of X5 FastMig welders – the new X5 FastMig Pulse.

The X5 FastMig Pulse multi-process welding system has been specifically designed for steel, aluminium and stainless steel welding in industrial environments. The machine delivers a range of features that help significantly enhance arc welding productivity.

Built using energy-efficient inverter technology, the X5 FastMig Pulse offers faster welding and quality welds thanks to Touch Sense Ignition, effortless operation, excellent welding ergonomics, flexible equipment setup and is industry 4.0 ready.
A high-performing machine, the X5 FastMig Pulse features the latest in ignition technology – Touch Sense Ignition – as standard. When combined with WiseSteel software, which is also included in the X5 FastMig Pulse, it delivers precise ignition capability and stable arc control.

The X5 Pulse tackles the challenges of globular arc by alternating between short arc and spray transfer. In short-circuit transfer, it improves the arc stability adaptively, providing better out-of-position steel welding capabilities. In spray transfer mode, micropulsing of the current and voltage increases travel speed significantly. In doing so, the X5 Pulse helps to minimise the spatter produced by a traditional globular arc, as well as the need for post weld cleaning, saving the welder both valuable time and cost, while helping to deliver better quality welds.

For more challenging steel, stainless steel and aluminium applications, the arc control can be further optimised with optional Max welding programs and Wise special processes.

(SUB)Effortless operation
Designed to be hassle-free, the new model can be quickly set up thanks to ‘weld assist’. This feature guides the welder to set the right parameters for each application so they can start welding faster.

The X5 Pulse is also very easy to operate. It features a large, graphical and impact-resistant TFT display panel that illustrates all the required information clearly and without the use of abbreviations. Plus, the wire feeder’s sturdy rotate-and-push buttons can be operated with gloves on or off, helping to save time and improve productivity. The machine is also equipped with memory channels to customise and save personal settings.

Excellent welding ergonomics
Created with the welder in mind, the ergonomically-designed top-loading wire feeder improves occupational safety when changing the wire spool as it places less strain on the user’s back. The wire feeder can also be hung up and adjusted to multiple different angles for quick and easy access, even in a dual setup.

Modular equipment design
Power sources are available in 400 A and 500 A, and the modular nature of the X5 FastMig Pulse means that users can build the assembly that best suits their needs.

Welders can choose from a range of excellent accessories including transport units, interconnection cables of various lengths, wired remote controls, and the SuperSnake GTX sub-feeding system for hard to reach welding environments.

Industry 4.0 ready
The X5 FastMig Pulse is also industry 4.0 ready when combined with Kemppi’s optional WeldEye ArcVision. This digital, cloud-based solution collects welding parameters, arc-on time and filler material consumption. It lets users monitor welding activity in real-time to ensure that welding procedure specifications are accurately followed to help boost productivity.

Kemppi is currently offering a 3-month free trial of its WeldEye ArcVision solution with the X5 FastMig Pulse.

Quality range
Made in Finland, the X5 FastMig Pulse has been built to last. It features an injection-molded plastic casing that absorbs knocks, and together with the impact- resistant display panel, ensure the machine can withstand challenging environments.