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Kemppi launches portable welding machines for Master M series

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released two new portable and versatile welding machines for MIG/MAG welding – the Master M 205 and Master M 323.

Part of the popular Master M series, the Master M 205 and Master M 323 are perfectly suited for site work, boat building and repair shops, as well as dedicated hobby welders. Their small size and transportability, make them an ideal choice for repair welding. Both models deliver excellent usability, best-in-class welding performance, and a smooth parameter setup. Developed in collaboration with professional welders and manufactured in Finland, the M 205 and M 323 let users weld quickly and easily for quality results.

The Master M 205 has been created specifically for welding tasks that require lightweight, easy-to-move welding equipment, but also high-quality welds.

“Highly portable and powerful, the Master M 205 is a MIG/MAG welding machine for manual, synergic, and pulse MIG/MAG welding of stainless and light steel, and aluminum,” Kemppi says. 

“Delivering true grunt and convenience, the Master M 205’s 200 A, 1-phase power source operates with a 40% duty cycle. Plus, the Master M 205 comes with 17 welding programs for pulse MIG and 20 welding programs for 1-MIG. These include welding programs for Fe, Ss, AlMg5, AlSi5, CuSi3, and CuAl8 filler materials.”

Very easy to use, the Master M 205 features a large LCD screen that is bright and easy to read. Self-charging LED lights can be turned on to improve safety, particularly in dim and confined spaces, and they work with or without mains power.

The machine is also hassle-free to operate. The new model can be quickly set up thanks to Weld Assist. This feature saves time and makes welding easier with automatic parameter settings. Just select the material thickness, joint type, and welding position, and start welding.

The Master M 323 is ideal for sheet metal welding, and thanks to its portable size and versatile accessories, it is also well suited for welding environments with challenging spaces.

A high-performance, portable MIG welding machine, the Master M 323 delivers 320 amps of power at a 40% duty cycle. To help improve welding quality and save time, it comes with 28 built-in welding programs for Fe, Ss, AlMg5, AlSi5, CuSi3, CuAl8, and FC-CrNiMo filler materials. Plus, the Master M 323 includes 4 welding programs for the MAX Cool arc welding process.

Equipped with six memory channels, both models also let users save chosen parameters for fast retrieval. The ability to save customised settings means welders do not have to go through an initial setup for every job, saving precious time while helping to boost productivity.

“Like the Master M 205, the Master M 323 also comes with Weld Assist, a large LCD screen that is easy to read and use, and self-charging LED lights. For greater convenience, both models also feature a safe-lift handle design. The handle has been reinforced with metal so that it can be lifted by crane.

“A powerful, lightweight welding machine that can go anywhere on site, the Master M 323 is perfect for high-performance industrial welding.”