Moddex continues to challenge the norm

There are many companies that seem satisfied to spend the course of their history, from the day they open their doors to the moment they are wound up, without making any particular change to the product or service they offer. Then there are the “disrupters”; firms imaginative enough to look for the gaps in the market and agile enough to develop new solutions to fill those. One such business is Moddex, says Jeremy Raikes, managing director of Canterbury-based Moddex New Zealand and head of new product development.

“Our team has showcased its ability to conceptualise the issue, understand the demand, and roll out a commercial solution. True innovation addresses genuine problems, and that’s where its value lies,” he says. “I’m driven to address industry pain points, rethink them, and introduce innovative solutions. It’s always been about challenging the norm and seeking disruptive innovations from other sectors.”

Moddex initially started out selling clamps to the Australian market. Then there was the moment an open-minded builder told his rep: “I’ve no interest in your clamps, mate, but if you can run some handrails for me, I’ll take a quote”, says head of marketing Elle Dickson. With its existing background in metal bending and fabrication, that first job was the start of a new era.

Today, Moddex is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of innovative barrier systems for large-scale infrastructure and non-residential construction projects, delivering an extensive range of pre-fabricated handrails, barriers, balustrade and guardrail systems. Furthermore, all product configurations are designed to leave no grey areas around compliance requirements for specifiers, contractors and asset owners. 

“Our deep investment in understanding compliance and building standards ensures our products are installed with ease and confidence,” says Raikes. “Also, unlike traditional welded handrail systems, our products are kitset, ensuring quick installation with minimal compliance errors. This is made possible by our in-house design team, who employ cutting-edge technology and offer Revit and BIM files to professionals, allowing them to visualise solutions tailored to their projects.”

He adds that off-site manufacturing minimises construction waste and carbon-intensive transport. This means that applications such as Moddex’s new prefabricated Ezibilt system can be relocated or repurposed, marking significant sustainability achievements. “Our ethos ‘a better way’ revolves around understanding the intricate challenges builders and specifiers face, and devising solutions that not only address these, but also set new industry standards,” says Raikes.

As the company’s latest product to market, Ezibilt is testament to Moddex’s innovative and disruptive spirit. In this case, like that original builder, clients were coming back with “no, we don’t need your handrails. Our project is experiencing delays and we don’t have the infrastructure in place to install them yet”. In this case, the solution was Ezibilt, which is tailored for the rapid and compliant construction of accessibility stairs and ramps.

“In line with our vision of ‘providing pathways in work and in life’ our job now was to help provide the infrastructure – the ramps, stairs and decks themselves,” says Raikes. “Engineered with innovation and precision, Ezibilt offers modular flexibility that can be configured any height or contour, offering an efficient solution for creating safe and compliant accessways. Its versatility also means it can be specified for various applications, from commercial buildings to public spaces and residential settings – anywhere that calls for long-lasting performance and durability.”