Combining safety with sustainable Industry 4.0 capabilities

An expansion to ABB’s NeoGear switchgear portfolio brings with it improved safety aspects, optimised performance and digital connectivity, making it ideal for those looking to invest in their digital transformation.

NeoGear was introduced by the company in 2019 with its laminated bus plate technology for the first time to the market. The technology is underpinned by the ABB Ability platform for better energy management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance ready to support the digital factory of the future.

“Since the introduction of NeoGear, we have continued to develop the platform and extend it with additional functions, features and certifications for higher ratings,” says Ronald van Leeuwen, global product manager for NeoGear.

Now available globally, NeoGear switchgear offers a reduced physical footprint by up to 25% compared to equivalent switchgear technologies. Within this compact footprint, it also achieves energy efficiency of up to 20% due to reduced heat dissipation.

The recently introduced 4-pol version as well as the upcoming 690 V version make NeoGear an optional solution for numerous market segments and industries, including utilities, food and beverage, and infrastructure.

“NeoGear perfectly suits all industries in New Zealand especially those where safety, uptime and sustainability are leading business drivers,” says van Leeuwen.

“The arc ignition protected zones classification increases not only the safety for operators working with live switchgear, but also better protects the processes behind the switchgear.

“The reduction in switchgear energy losses supports the industry’s green focus by maximising efficiency and delivering on CO2 reductions – simply by shifting from traditional bus bars to the innovative, laminated bus plate design in NeoGear.”

With this improved safety and sustainability credentials, the enhanced solution builds on ABB’s proven NeoGear platform with the latest connectivity capabilities for data analytics and data communication, making it an ideal low-voltage switchgear option for facilities working towards achieving Industry 4.0 standards.

The new digital capabilities deliver up to overall 30% lower operational costs thanks to more efficient condition monitoring. 

“Our commitment to product evolution in showcased in the advancements made to our NeoGear low-voltage switchgear. Improved operational safety, sustainability and integrated smart functionality makes it compatible with any digitalisation strategy,” says van Leeuwen.

“So that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers, our product ranges must evolve too.”