Technology keeping workers safe

By developing and moving to a mobile app-based reporting system, Steel & Tube hopes to keep its workers safer while also meeting a commitment to sustainability.

Described as ‘best in class’, when compared to other similar systems, Intelex is able to cover all aspects of quality, health, safety, and environmental management in one database.

Presently developing Intelex QHSE Software, Steel & Tube’s phase one of the project was completed in August with applications including EHS incidents and hours, inspections, and observations and hazard reporting.

Damian Miller, Steel & Tube’s General Manage, QHSET, says that ‘phase two’ is set to be operational in November, and will include non-conformance management, contractor and supply chair management, and document control.

“The ability to effectively manage and track quality, health, safety and environmental hazards using a single system is immensely powerful as it allows us to streamline processes,” says Miller.

“It also supports Steel & Tube’s commitment to sustainability as Intelex allows us to move away from paper-based systems.”

By moving to a mobile-based app, online reporting will not only eliminate a significant number of paper-based audits, forms and manual based processes, but also provide access to live data which tracks actions from incidents and audit findings. For site managers, operations teams and businesses leaders, this will mean the opportunity to prioritise the people and resources needed to focus on the most important safety risks. Risk reviews will be completed in hours, rather than days.

It is hoped that the software will also encourage employees to show a renewed willingness to learn from safety incidents and make improvements to prevent them recurring.

“Considerable work has been completed on the development of Intelex QHSE Software that has involved application overview training and design workshops to develop the system,” says Steel & Tube.

“Performance testing of a number of mobile devices has been performed using the Intelex demo application at our distribution, rollforming and reinforcing sites using specific performance criteria to select a suitable device for the business.”

In total, nine focus group sites and 71 site managers and employees participated in the process involved with completing the phase one configuration between May and June.