Master of Civil Engineering evening

In any evolving industry, you must continually learn. With that in mind the University of Canterbury is holding a Master of Civil Engineering Information Evening on Wednesday May 25 from 5–7pm. Whether you are looking to upskill or specialise, learn advanced technologies and methods, or to increase your knowledge base from experienced engineering professions withContinue reading “Master of Civil Engineering evening”

Understand the Health & Safety at Work Act in NZ

By Craig Carlyle, director at Maintenance Transformations The Health & Safety at Work Act lays out a series of guides, codes and insightful best practices around which every health and safety measure should be based. In particular, the Act provides businesses with an understanding of who is responsible, what they should do, and how theyContinue reading “Understand the Health & Safety at Work Act in NZ”

Filing amended pleadings after the limitation date

By Stuart Robertson, partner and Victoria Bortsova, solicitor It is often the case that the original claims made in Court are amended as a case develops. The High Court decision in ‘Body Corporate 355492 v Queenstown Lakes District Council [2022] NZHC 687’ provides useful guidance into how the courts apply the limitation provision under theContinue reading “Filing amended pleadings after the limitation date”

The sustainable future of steel in construction – the latest steps

By Dr Troy Coyle, HERA CEO Sustainability in construction, particularly reducing carbon emissions, is a hot topic in New Zealand. Government-led initiatives such as Building for Climate Change are directing change within the sector. This framework proposes to set mandatory reporting and measurement requirements for whole-of-life carbon emissions, including from the materials used in construction,Continue reading “The sustainable future of steel in construction – the latest steps”

The USA: a big prize but beware of false assumptions

I believe one of NZTE’s great strengths is the in-market expertise we’re able to call on, and it was my pleasure recently to talk to one of these experts in a key market for New Zealand manufacturing exporters – the United States. Albert Costilo, a business growth advisor in NZTE’s Washington office, talked me throughContinue reading “The USA: a big prize but beware of false assumptions”


NEW CHEMFREIGHT SPECIALIST FLAMMABLES STORAGE WAREHOUSE PROJECT TO BE GAME CHANGER The soon-to-be opened $20 million project – dedicated to flammable storage classes – will add five million litres of storage capacity to 100% Kiwi-owned company Chemfreight, growing flammable storage capacity to over 8,000 pallet spaces. This will provide better service to existing storage clientsContinue reading “BIGGER, BOLDER… JUST BETTER”

Introducing Translas On-Gun Welding Fume Extraction Systems!

On-gun fume extraction is one of the safest and most effective methods of controlling welding fume, capturing it directly at the source while following the welder as they move (unlike other LEV). However, in the past it’s been too heavy, too bulky, and can impact the shielding gas leading to porosity issues. But not anymore!Continue reading “Introducing Translas On-Gun Welding Fume Extraction Systems!”

A new licencing regime for engineers

The regulation of engineers has achieved greater public attention in recent years, particularly following the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes and the lessons learned in the aftermath. To give the public confidence that professional engineers are acting within their area of competence and to provide greater protection for the public, a bill is in development thatContinue reading “A new licencing regime for engineers”

Staying in touch with hazards – lithium-ion batteries

An often ignored component of health and safety systems policy manuals is the section describing, ‘Keeping Current with Health & Safety Info’. The process for keeping current with relevant health and safety information, legislation, guidelines and standards is usually described something like: •           WorkSafe and ACC website media releases •           Briefings and updates from externalContinue reading “Staying in touch with hazards – lithium-ion batteries”

Zero carbon steel program Tātaitai Puhanga Waro set to launch

The month of May will usher in a new zero carbon steel programme for steel products. The program, Tātaitai Puhanga Waro, has been independently developed and based on verifiable data and provides a carbon emission calculator, believed to be a world first, to help companies offset carbon emissions and offer zero-carbon steel in their projects.Continue reading “Zero carbon steel program Tātaitai Puhanga Waro set to launch”